Advanced Technologies Reshaping Logistics

When it comes to business, it’s not enough just to keep up with competitors – you must lead the way by staying ahead of them all. And every little thing counts in order to achieve this goal. When it comes to logistics parcel-delivering businesses, advanced tracking technologies here have a crucial role to play. It could improve GPS tracking in transportation management or integrate cutting-edge tech in handling materials and everyday logistics operations. The impact of these technological innovations is significant, and they have a far-reaching effect.

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How Telematics and Usage-Based Insurance Programs are Changing the Game

car insurance and telematics devices

The price of car insurance can be influenced by factors, one of which is how you drive. In the past insurance companies would assess your driving record to understand your habits, on the road. However, nowadays thanks to car insurance tracking devices they can directly monitor your driving behaviors. Use this information to accurately determine adjusted insurance rates.

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance rates you may have come across programs that offer usage based insurance and utilize these tracking devices. These programs are becoming increasingly popular because they have the potential to lower insurance rates for drivers who’re safe or don’t drive often. Should you consider enrolling in a car insurance tracking program?

It’s important to understand how these devices work what data they collect and how they affect your rates before making a decision.

An insurance tracker essentially works as a telematics system that records your driving behaviors. There are two types of auto insurance trackers; a physical telematics device (also known as a dongle) that you install in your car and a smartphone app. The choice between these options often depends on your insurer and the program you choose.

Regardless of which type you go for the insurer will use the device to gather data, about how you drive.Usually these gadgets are provided as part of a usage based insurance (UBI) plan, where they collect data such, as speed, braking and mileage to calculate a customized premium.

The first program of its kind in the United States was the Progressive Snapshot program. Since then other insurance companies have introduced programs. Now customers have a variety of options when it comes to driving monitoring programs, including Allstates Drivewise, Geicos DriveEasy and State Farms Drive Safe & Save.

Participating in these tracking programs is voluntary. You need to give your consent to use either the dongle or app for tracking your driving behavior. If you don’t see any savings from the program you should be able to opt out without any issues. However keep in mind that each insurer has its set of rules and restrictions, for their program. If you decide to stop participating make sure to inform them about your decision. Removing the device or discontinuing the use of the app may impact your premiums. Cancel any discounts offered.

The way an auto tracking device operates depends on the technology used by your insurer. If they use a device it is typically connected to your vehicles onboard OBD II port located beneath the steering wheel.

The device collects information, about how you use your vehicle and your driving habits from the cars onboard system and a set of sensors.

If your insurance company uses a tracking device all you have to do is download their app follow the instructions and start driving. The app doesn’t directly access data from your vehicles OBD II port – instead it uses the built in sensors on your smartphone to record information about your driving habits, like acceleration or hard braking.

No matter which tracking method is used the collected data is usually. Sent to the insurance company for evaluation. This information helps them assess how you drive determine your rates and identify any discounts or program benefits you might be eligible for.

Insurance companies that offer tracking programs typically disclose what kind of data they collect. You can usually find this information on their website or by talking to one of their agents.

The collected data often includes:

  • How and for how you drive;
  • Instances of hard braking;
  • Rapid acceleration;
  • Quick or sharp turns
  • Driving at night;
  • Phone usage while driving.

Using mapping data in combination, with the collected information insurers analyze how well you follow traffic rules and evaluate your overall driving habits.

They can also identify if you are using your phone while driving, which is considered as “driving.”

Your insurance company utilizes this information to calculate your premiums. However this data can also be advantageous, for you. For example, numerous smartphone applications offer a dashboard and feedback regarding your driving habits. By studying instances of acceleration and distracted driving you have the opportunity to adjust your behavior potentially enhancing your driving abilities and subsequently improving your auto insurance rates.

Protect Your Luggage with GPS Tracker

Have you ever went on a vacation and shopped your heart out? After all, what better way to remember a beautiful time than by taking something back with you, as a reminder? Even if you don’t do so, it is safe to assume that you would wish to bring back your luggage with you.

But, what would you do if you can’t find your precious luggage at the airport, on your way back? Think about all the effort you made carefully selecting the souvenirs. What about all clothes and the memories associated with them? A mere mishandling of your luggage has the power to take it all away from you. The memories. The positive experience. The cherished possessions.

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Ensure the Safety of your Motorcycle with GPS Tracker

Not everyone wishes to use cars to get from one place to another. Many people prefer a much more minimalistic and efficient vehicle- a motorcycle.

Motorcycles over cars?

When you hear the word bikes, your mind almost always goes to bodybuilders and “cool” people riding Harley Davidsons.

However, in reality, motorcycles are a great mode of transport for the masses. After all, when the streets are jammed packed, you are less likely to get stuck in traffic when you are riding a motorcycle. This is because it is easier for such vehicles to pass through constricted spaces. Moreover, motorcycles allow you to save up on gas since their requirements are comparatively lesser than those of cars. Also, not to mention that you don’t have to constantly worry about finding a big enough parking space.

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Ensuring Cargo and Vehicle Security with GPS Tracking Solutions

The Global Positioning System, more commonly known as GPS, serves many purposes. Today, the applications of the GPS include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Astronomy
  • Disaster management
  • Data mining
  • Fleet tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Navigation
  • Sports
  • Tectonics

Today, the most common application of the GPS is for tracking and navigation purposes. The GPS makes use of the concept of triangulation. Triangulation is a process through which you can find the exact location of the object which you are tracking. This is done with the help of satellites orbiting the earth. The target object is tracked by three (or more) satellites which are closest to it. The GPS calculates the relative distances by tracing the route of radio waves traveling to and from the satellites. The coordinates of the target object’s exact location are then obtained.

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Advantages of Using GPS Tracking Software for Your Business

Life moves at a much faster pace nowadays. The daily routine revolves around schedules and deadlines creating a stressful environment. Business owners especially have to manage the company and also work towards helping it grow. Keeping track of the fleet, employees and deliveries adds another responsibility to their shoulders. However, with a GPS tracking software they can stay updated and informed anywhere, anytime. This innovation in technology helps owners run the business much more efficiently and does not take a lot of their time.

It was once believed that managing the fleet from the office is impossible especially when the cars have to travel long distances. However, this is no longer the case. Using smart devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets anyone can track the location of a vehicle in real time, get instant updates on their whereabouts and also download extensive reports on the time, distance, speed at which they traveled. Furthermore, the GPS tracking software is not expensive and developed by certain software providers to help Logistics and Transportation companies improve their processes. The GPS tracking software can be used to organize the company and save time, money and customer orders.

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Why Use Vehicle GPS Trackers?

Car GPS trackers offer the best tracking solutions as the latest technology combined with support services can serve all types of purposes. Millions of users employ this equipment to help keep track of their vehicles.

Prevents Theft and Kidnapping

The vehicle GPS tracker can be used to prevent the theft of a car and kidnapping of the person inside it. With regular updates on the current location being sent to the user, they can know exactly where the car is at all times which deters criminals. Police are able to recover any vehicle in no time with the help of these devices.

Saves Money

As a car owner the travelling costs are always very high but a hidden vehicle GPS tracker can produce reports on the fuel consumption and driving behaviors to allow drivers to adopt practices that save on fuel. The costs that are incurred by excess insurance claims can also be avoided with a vehicle GPS tracker. The increase in premiums does not affect a vehicle that has a vehicle GPS tracker installed as it is less likely to be stolen. These costs all together can help a fleet management company or other transport and logistics business save thousands of dollars each year.

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Track Your Cell Phone Easily

A lot of people find it hard to keep track of their belongings. It is very common for people to lose their keys and cell phones on a regular basis. Hence people are always looking for ways to keep track of these things. While you can designate a place to hang your keys, you don’t always have a designated place for your cell phone. Hence, you need something which can keep track of your mobile for you. And that can be a cell phone tracking app.

Here are some reasons why you need to get a cell free mobile tracking app as soon as possible:

  1. Prevent Phone Being Stolen

These days everyone has a smart phone and most of them are pretty expensive. Hence you want to protect them from being damaged or stolen. Cell phone tracking app can help you out greatly in this regard since you can track your cell phone if you think it has been stolen or you were mugged. You can take this information to authorities and show them the cell phone tracking app. With the app they can track your phone and hopefully retrieve it for you and bring the crook to justice!

  1. Get late in the morning

Have you woken up late and had to hurry out of your home? Quickly changing from your pajamas and having a rushed breakfast. Just to find out in the end that you do not have your phone and have no idea where it is? If this situation sounds familiar then you definitely need the cell phone tracking app. You can have it downloaded in your computer; desktop or laptop to ensure that you can quickly located where exactly your phone is and then be on your way.

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Choose Free Open Source GPS Tracking Software

Whether you run a business or want to keep track of your loved ones, a GPS tracking software is what you need. This technology offers many valuable benefits to the users. It saves money and offers peace of mind when it comes to vehicles. Listed below are a few reasons why you should get a free GPS tracking software for yourself.

Protect Your Vehicles 

When drivers and other employees are aware their every movement is being tracked, they will exercise more caution while driving. This not only keeps them out of harm’s way but also makes it less likely for the vehicle to be involved in any accident. Monitoring the cars closely discourages theft and enhances the security of not only the assets but also the person driving them.

Make Costs Manageable

Open source GPS tracking software gives a report on the fuel consumption and general efficiency of the car helping avoid any major repairs in the future. The data can also let business owners know whether the driver needs any training to improve their behavior.  Reports on the key components including the condition of the engine can help preserve the vehicle and increase its lifetime. Also it saves the money that is spent on insurance premiums.

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Start Tracking with GPS Server

With the advancement of technology, one of the greatest innovations of this century truly has been the GPS tracking applications. Not only can you track vehicles such as cars, bikes and even boats but also objects such as phones and can even be used to keep track of people!

GPS Tracking Server

So, what are some benefits you can receive from tracking your vehicles and other items with a GPS system:

  1. Incredibly accurate:

The location from tracking with the GPS server or mobile app are incredibly accurate. You can find the address right down to the street with crystal clear accuracy and view! This is incredibly helpful especially if you are tracking a loved one who is going somewhere; specially if it is your child. Or if you are finding your phone which has been lost; whatever the case you will have incredibly accurate results which will make everything even more easier to find.

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