So, you’ve finally decided to get a dependable car tracking system for your vehicle, or a loved one’s vehicle. That’s great! After all, having a great vehicle tracker system will allow you to keep track of one of the most important possessions you’ll have in your life: your car.

A car is a crucial tool for getting around the city as you need, but also to transport groceries, furniture, people, pets and many other things. Rather than being a convenience, for most people it is a necessity, especially for those with families or those living outside of city centers.

That being said, knowing real time location of this crucial possession is very important. And not only for commercial vehicles, but for personal cars also. Especially with car theft being a big problem in most cities. Luckily, that’s where the tracking solution, like TrackingFOX, comes into play.

A very good gps vehicle tracker will allow you to accurately and reliably keep tabs on where your car is at any time by gathering all tracking data in areal time. Of course, finding the right fleet management software can be a real pain. We’ll go over why we believe TrackingFox is the best vehicle tracker system for you.

But first let’s look at the benefits of a great car tracker system, how to separate the good ones from the bad ones, and finally why we highly recommend TrackingFOX for you.

The advantages of a good GPS vehicle tracker system

Having your car stolen can be one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially when you consider the cost of getting it replaced and the time lost getting to work, during daily tasks, etc.

With that in mind, it becomes easier to see why you’d need a pretty good realtime gps tracking (like TrackingFOX discussed below) to determine vehicles location. The tracker provides realtime location of a vehicle 24/7. But there are lots of other things a high-quality electronic logging device can do.

This includes:

  • Letting you know when a designated vehicle enters or leaves a specific area. This is known as geofence alerts, and you can set those alerts up for various zones: a school, workplace, home, after-school activity location, and much more. Anytime the designated vehicle enters or leaves those zones, you’ll get a notification.
  • Driving behavior alerts, which can let you know if the designated vehicle is speeding, accelerating rapidly, and much more.
  • Fuel consumption statistics, allowing you to plan your budget and your trips better.
  • The ability to add extra sensors, such as alarms, cameras, and much more to give you even more crucial information about what’s going on with your car, in addition to your vehicle gps tracker.

From these points, it’s pretty obvious to see just how important a high-quality vehicle tracker system like TrackingFOX can be.

The dangers of a low-quality car tracking system

Knowing just how useful a gps tracking devices for vehicles can be is important, but it’s also important to know that you should get a high-quality software like TrackingFOX. If you get a low-quality OBD2 tracker system, you could be asking for trouble.

First of all, very cheap fleet tracking systems simply don’t have the ability to add new features or sensors, or give you any of the extra information you need to really know what’s going on with your car.

But even worse than that, they’re pretty unreliable. In fact, they don’t even perform well when it comes to their basic function, which is to accurately track your vehicle. Low-quality vehicle tracking systems won’t give you accurate information on where your car actually is, which can be really damaging in case your car gets stolen.

TrackingFOX: the top-quality, low-priced tracking system

This is one of the big reasons why we can’t stop recommending TrackingFOX as a top-quality fleet tracking software: it’s pretty well-priced for all the features you’re getting.

Even then, just because TrackingFOX comes in at a lower price than most other GPS tracking devices, that doesn’t mean that it is deficient in any way.

The TrackingFOX car tracking app is remarkable dependable, allowing you to get reliable and accurate information on your car’s whereabouts at all times. In fact, one so the reasons that the TrackingFOX gps vehicle tracking system is so reliable is that it comes equipped with a highly-sensitive GPS and GSM antenna. But, even better, this GPS tracking device is completely wire-free, allowing for a compact size and ease of use.

Beyond that, you can also add a lot of important features and sensors to TrackingFOX. For example, you can set up geofence alerts on your car or a loved one’s car to get notified every time they leave or enter their school, work, home, after-school activity location, personal information and more. This is crucial if you have a teenage driver, but also if you want to know when your husband or wife is leaving their place of work, so that you can plan your day better.

Even better, you can also get important anti-theft alerts with TrackingFOX. These alerts are set up so that you can know when your car is moving suspiciously, if the ignition starts, or if the gps tracker for car is disconnected for any reason. That way, you can respond quickly and decisively.

TrackingFOX’s driving behavior analysis features are also great. With these, you can get notified when the car is speeding, rapidly accelerating, and much more. That way, you can improve your driving behavior, or the driving behavior of a loved one.

While these aspects may make it seem like the TrackingFOX hidden car tracking system is complex and possibly hard to install, that’s not the case at all. Instead, TrackingFOX is actually quite easy to set up. All you need to do is connect the vehicle tracking devices to your car’s OBD 2 connector and you’ll be good to start tracking your company vehicle.

Bottom line

You should never underestimate the importance of your car to your family’s or your own well-being, comfort, and ability to lead a normal life. When you know exactly where your car is, including all the important aspects like fuel monitoring, location alerts, movement alerts and speeding notifications, you’ll definitely be at an advantage.

For those reasons and more, we cannot recommend the top-quality gps tracker from TrackingFOX enough. Not only is TrackingFOX a pretty great tracking software by itself, the TrackingFOX GPS fleet tracking system also allows for added features that can really come in handy when you need them.

With that in hand, you’ll be able to ensure the safety and security of your precious car.