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The hidden hero: how a concealed car tracker saved the day

Last October, in an insightful move for vehicle security, R. Kaviyarasan upgraded his new four-wheel-drive truck by installing an additional GPS tracking device (we don’t know for sure, but we hope that it was one from Tracking Fox). This decision became crucial when, a few months later, his truck was stolen right from his driveway in Taman Saujana Puchong in the wee hours, as reported by The Star.

The thief managed to quickly disable the truck’s pre-installed GPS system. Unfortunately, the monitoring company associated with the original GPS only informed Kaviyarasan about an hour after the system had been compromised. However, the second concealed GPS car tracker promptly alerted him of the unauthorized movement, showing real-time updates on his smartphone (great functionality, as many Tracking Fox users might agree).

Kaviyarasan acted swiftly, coordinating with the police while personally tracking the vehicle’s movements. The truck first appeared to head towards a gated residential area in USJ12, Subang Jaya, but remained elusive. It then moved to a condominium area in Kepong, where it was still not found despite a thorough search.

The chase continued as the tracker next showed the vehicle speeding along the Duke Highway around 6 am. The GPS monitoring team sprang into action, remotely disabling the truck on the highway. Despite the thief’s attempts to counteract the commands with a signal jammer, the persistent remote interventions by tracker forced the thief to abandon the truck. Upon arrival at the scene, Kaviyarasan found his vehicle with false number plates and a damaged dashboard—an aftermath of the thief’s efforts to dismantle the security systems.

This event highlights the invaluable role of secondary, hidden GPS trackers, such as those provided by Tracking Fox, especially in vehicles with keyless technology prone to quick theft. Kaviyarasan’s ordeal underscores the necessity of not relying solely on factory-installed security systems and benefits from proactive measures in vehicle protection. This story not only illustrates the limitations of standard security setups but also celebrates the victory of enhanced, reliable technology in vehicle safety.

For those interested in the full story of how the second GPS tracker saved the day, the detailed account is available on The Star’s website here.