Please read this disclaimer carefully before using TrackingFox services.

One of main priorities of TrackingFox is our Users experience. Therefore, we are thriving to
improve our technology to reach the highest levels of perfection. After months of research,
testing and updates we noticed that on rare occasions the following discrepancies may occur:

  • Up to 10 (ten) minutes of vehicle status delays (regardless of connection of GPS tracker, vehicle ignition, vehicle movement, vehicle movement outside/inside tracking zone and vehicle speed.
  • Model of the vehicle could impact false information in the tracker.
  • Coordinates of the vehicle may be inaccurate in the map (up to 50 meters).
  • Speed tracking feature may have inaccurate.
  • For GPS to work, it requires open spaces. Otherwise, the information can be incorrect (e.g., if the vehicle is in the garage, GPS might fail to send the data to the application).

By using TrackingFox services Users agree to abstain from all claims, lawsuits, demands or any other kind or requests from TrackingFox for all direct and/or indirect damages resulted from above-mentioned discrepancies.

Last revision date 26th January 2021