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Protect Your Luggage with GPS Tracker

Have you ever went on a vacation and shopped your heart out? After all, what better way to remember a beautiful time than by taking something back with you, as a reminder? Even if you don’t do so, it is safe to assume that you would wish to bring back your luggage with you.

But, what would you do if you can’t find your precious luggage at the airport, on your way back? Think about all the effort you made carefully selecting the souvenirs. What about all clothes and the memories associated with them? A mere mishandling of your luggage has the power to take it all away from you. The memories. The positive experience. The cherished possessions.

Luggage Tracker- Your Savior

Just because a lot of bags are mishandled during transportation doesn’t mean yours has to be one of them. How can you avoid such an issue? Simple. Through a GPS luggage tracker. Adding this device to your luggage ensures that you always aware of the location of your luggage. This holds true regardless of where you are and what time it currently is.

Here are some of the benefits you can realize if you use a luggage tracker:

  • Most GPS devices available deliver coverage to at least 126 countries. This means you can track your luggage from anywhere in the world.
  • The tracker doesn’t add on to the weight of your luggage. The product is very small and hence can be easily placed in your luggage.
  • You will get notified about the location of your luggage regularly via alerts sent to your phones and laptops.
  • Most GPS trackers allow you to set danger zones and safe zones. Whenever your luggage exists the safe zone or enters the danger zone, you will be alerted in real-time.
  • Are you carrying fragile items in your luggage and wish for it to be traveling at a given speed? You can know when this speed is breached. This is because most GPS trackers come with accelerometers. You can set a speed threshold and be notified if the speed is crossed.
  • Apart from accidental mishandling, GPS trackers also help in preventing theft. This is achieved by the fact that you can zero in on the location of the bag at all times.
  • You can purchase waterproof trackers to guarantee their durability.
  • The fact that these trackers are compatible with cellular networks means that you will get notifications on your cell phone as well.
  • Most GPS trackers come with rechargeable batteries. The battery life is generally 2 days.

The Problem with Luggage Trackers

There is no such thing as a perfect product. Even though luggage trackers feature immense benefits, there are some problems with it as well. Here are some of the challenges associated with the product.

  • Not all GPS trackers are small and lightweight. You will find bulker option too that might take up too much space in your bag.
  • The more features the GPS tracker will have, the higher the cost.
  • In places like basements or countries like Africa, the coverage of the GPS tracker will be very limited.
  • The battery life can be improved and may not be sufficient.
  • The signals of GPS trackers might be restricted in some airports since they mess up the radio signals. Hence, you might be instructed to remove it from your luggage.

Solving the Challenges

The challenges that come with GPS trackers can be dealt with in the following ways:

  • The GPS tracker manufacturers should deliver a standardized industry size at a standard low cost.
  • You must make sure that the given GPS device covers the area you are traveling to. Know that if the GPS device only works via a cellular modem, it won’t function in basements.
  • Carry extra batteries and set the device to sleep mode to extend battery life.
  • To prevent the raising of security concerns, always accompany yourself with the purchase documents of the device. This allows you to explain the use of the device to the authorities.

Final Verdict

Don’t let a few challenges bring you down. Make use of a luggage tracker to ensure the safety of your luggage. Don’t depend on authorities to take care of your possessions for you.

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