Ensure the Safety of your Motorcycle with GPS Tracker

Not everyone wishes to use cars to get from one place to another. Many people prefer a much more minimalistic and efficient vehicle- a motorcycle.

Motorcycles over cars?

When you hear the word bikes, your mind almost always goes to bodybuilders and “cool” people riding Harley Davidsons.

However, in reality, motorcycles are a great mode of transport for the masses. After all, when the streets are jammed packed, you are less likely to get stuck in traffic when you are riding a motorcycle. This is because it is easier for such vehicles to pass through constricted spaces. Moreover, motorcycles allow you to save up on gas since their requirements are comparatively lesser than those of cars. Also, not to mention that you don’t have to constantly worry about finding a big enough parking space.

The problem with motorcycles

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or got converted into one by our argument above, the chances are you would look for the best bike. Purchasing a bike is not an easy decision. It requires an investment of both time and money. Also, there are so many options to choose from. This includes sports bike, an ATV, and a street bike.

Which type of bike is perfect for you depends on why you are getting the motorcycle in the first place? What kind of terrain would you be driving it on?

Regardless of which motorcycle you opt for, there is one problem that you must tackle. Because of their size and easy portability, motorcycles are much easier to steal than any other mode of the vehicle. This is a very big problem which must be dealt with.

GPS Trackers- The Solution You Need

The solution to the threat of theft is simple. You add a GS motorcycle tracker to your bike. This makes sure that you always know where you bike is. In case of theft, you can easily track it down.

Some of the benefits of a motorcycle tracker include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your bike.
  • You can track the location of your bike in real-time regardless of where you are. All you need is a sound internet connection and the mapping software will take care of the rest.
  • THE GPS trackers available send immediate notifications to the nearest located Emergency Medical Services if a crash occurs. This ensures that you get the help that you need.
  • Since you are provided with a real-time update of your bike, you are in a better position to prevent theft and hence avoid the inconvenience of demanding insurance claims.
  • Geo-fencing is also included in most trackers that sends notifications to you if your bike goes outside the designated preset areas.
  • The GPS tracker can be installed in motorcycles without any external help. The same holds true for the installation of the software. Hence, you are able to save up on labor expenses.
  • The GPS trackers are barely visible and quite small. This guarantees that the stylish appearance of the motorcycle is not undermined.
  • To prevent motorcycle theft, the GPS system doesn’t just notify the owner but also gives you the option of activating the ignition disable switch.
  • To guarantee that you become a safe driver, the GPS system also monitors the bike speed and tilt. Whenever you become rash, a notification is sent to you. This makes you more aware of your driving skills.

A Bumpy Ride

Even though a GPS tracker is equipped with an array of benefits, it’s not a completely smooth ride. Here are some challenges of using such trackers.

  • The GPS tracker operates on a battery which merely lasts 7 hours a day.
  • An ill-defined preset can lead to frequent false alarms that can increase the cost of operations.
  • Even if you locate where your stolen bike is, the GPS might not pinpoint the exact location. This is common when the given location is very crowded.

Can the challenges be solved?

Even though there are a few problems associated with GPS tracking, this doesn’t mean they can’t be solved. Possible solutions include:

  • Extending battery life depending on the type of bike. Remember, not all bikes are meant to be driven for long hours.
  • Stringent checks in the software to guarantee that the preset is defined correctly.
  • A siren/alarm feature that should be emitted when looking for a stolen bike.


Even with all its challenges, a GPS tracker and mobile tracking app is a staple for motorcycles. Add it to yours to make your life easy.

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