Maritime safety with GPS-tracking for navigating the high seas

Maritime safety has always been a critical concern for seafarers, given the unpredictable nature of the oceans. The advent of GPS technology has brought a significant transformation to maritime navigation, enhancing the safety and efficiency of sea travel. GPS tracking systems are now an integral part of maritime operations, providing precise navigation, preventing collisions, and aiding in search and rescue missions.

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Smarter Maintenance with GPS: The Future of Predictive Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining vehicles is crucial, for fleet management ensuring operations. The introduction of GPS enabled maintenance has revolutionized the way companies handle vehicle issues allowing them to anticipate and address problems before they become concerns. This proactive approach combines data analytics, AI, machine learning and GPS tracking to prevent problems and make fleet management more efficient and cost effective.

vehicle maintenance

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Beyond Tracking: Redefining Stolen E-Bike Recovery

E-bikes are increasingly being produced with GPS tracking, heralded as a deterrent against theft and a tool for recovery. But is simply knowing your bike’s location enough to reclaim it?

One UK-based startup aims to change this perception. While individual owners sometimes might feel powerless, startup founders believe that with the help of GPS tracking technology and the right approach – recovering stolen e-bikes is an achievable goal.

e-bike GPS tracking

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