7 Game-Changing Benefits of GPS Fleet Trackers for Your Business

This one is for fellow business owners and fleet managers worldwide – from New York to New Deli! We here at Tracking Fox would like to share some insider tips on how GPS fleet trackers work and how these small devices can transform your operations. So, let’s dive into the mysterious world of GPS tracking and discover how it can make our lives easier and businesses more profitable.

Effective fleet management

Vehicle Tracking in real time – let’s be honest, we all want to keep an eye on our fleet of vehicles anytime and anywhere. Just to be sure that everything is going according to plan. And, that’s precisely what real-time GPS tracking is providing. And even more – it gives us the ability to “control the time”. Well, not in a literal meaning, but you will be able to see where your vehicles are at any given moment and also access their location history. This has been a game-changer for so many fleet managers in preventing the misuse of company vehicles and quickly addressing any deviations from planned routes.

Maintenance Scheduling – Maintenance is one of those things that is constantly forgotten. GPS trackers act like super-smart mechanics on board. They provide fleet managers with critical vehicle data – such as engine load, fuel levels, mileage, and battery voltage. There is no need to explain that this has simplified my maintenance scheduling enormously.

Route Planning and Optimization – Let’s be honest – planning a trip can be a real headache, and we all know it. Surprisingly (well, not really), GPS tracking makes it easy. With the data provided by a tracker to fleet tracking software, managers can easily plan efficient company vehicle routes. Avoid traffic jams, known road works, or even bad weather (you will need to check the weather on a different app). GPS Tracking also gives company drivers a clear view of their journey. Which includes stop points and estimated arrival times. All this makes time planning so much more efficient.

Compliance – Staying compliant with hours of service regulations used to be a major stressor. But now, GPS system integrates with driver HOS data, alerting them to take necessary breaks and suggesting the best rest spots. This has made compliance straightforward and hassle free.

Fuel Fraud – Fuel fraud has always been a significant concern in logistics businesses everywhere. Fleet management software can literally solve this issue once and for all. Now that fleet managers know exactly where company vehicles are at any given moment (or even where they were in the past) and can live monitor the vehicle’s fuel levels – makes fuel fraud almost impossible. It’s really a relief to have that level of transparency.

Boosted Efficiency – The real time visibility provided by GPS tracking solutions has cut down on manual communications and boosted productivity for many businesses all around the world. Fleet managers no longer need to constantly check in with company drivers. Every manager has all the vehicles, equipment, and driver data they need right at their fingertips.

Cutting Costs – “A Dollar Saved Is a Dollar Earned,” and every business tries to follow this golden rule. The historical data from GPS tracking has been invaluable in reducing costs.

As you can see, GPS tracking technology has genuinely revolutionized not only the logistics and transportation sectors, but almost every business that has any fleet. Just like with any other technical solution – not all tracking systems are created equally. So do your homework before choosing one that suits your business needs. Naturally we are recommending the one and only – Tracking Fox, but feel free to compare it to the others.