Trackingfox car tracking

Here’s why you need the TrackingFox GPS tracker

It’s understandable that so many people feel unsafe about their cars, or a family member’s or loved one’s car. In difficult economic times, car thefts often increase, putting drivers in frustrating and financially difficult positions.

Luckily, there’s a tracking solution that allows drivers to feel safe about where their car is, anytime and anywhere. The TrackingFOX GPS tracker, the number one GPS tracker for cars, can help keep track of any car in any country. Even better, because it’s so easy to use, TrackingFox can be installed in less than one minute.

With the TrackingFox GPS tracker, can get all the information they need to know their car is safe. This includes:

  • Real-time tracking and location history allows drivers to see not only exactly where their car is at any time, but also the driving history of where it’s been
  • Anti-theft alerts that will notify drivers of their engine starts or if the GPS tracker is disconnected
  • Car movement alerts that will notify drivers if their car has moved outside of their designated safe zone. This is crucial for acting quickly in case a car theft may be occurring, and can help police locate the vehicle. These movement alerts can also let users know when a loved one has left their work, school, home, etc.
  • Driving behavior analysis that allows drivers to see whenever the maximum speed has been exceeded, the average speed, distance traveled and more

Besides being easy to install, TrackingFox also comes in a small size, weighing only 33 grams, has an accuracy of 10 meters, and works anywhere from -20C to 70C.